Toon Finance is proud to announce our ToonSwap DEX which is currently in progress. Our developers and the Toon Team have been working very hard to bring you the world's most innovative Toon Swap platform which will be much more than just an ordinary ERC20 swap platform.
Toon Swap will offer one on one games, Space exchange, Space Payload pools, Space Farms, Space Bridge, Space Voting Governance, Space Lotto and so much more. Our team has spent countless hours, time and money into mapping out the Toon Fi brand and we couldn't be happier.
Read more about who we are and how this entire thing works in the official Toon Finance Telegram group @ToonSwapFinance.
The Toon team is proud to announce that we have added another member to our marketing team of Toonies and we are continuing to brand and grow by the minute. We can't wait to share more, so hurry up and join the chat! See you in the Toon Space.

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