Mission Specialist

Toon Finance Protocol is here to stay and expand upon a growing decentralized finance community. We believe in transparency & also believe in decentralization for our users to freely express themselves in a socially acceptable standard.
Founded & Funded by an Angel Investor, Toon Finance is at its birth stage of development with exciting features to come. We have spent years analyzing the decentralized community while coming up with solutions to platforms failing to meet the communities expectations.
Will Toon Finance KYC? ... We're decentralized
We know in a decentralized space transparency is key to users being able to instill trust in the platform they use to transfer, manage, and facilitate their transactions orderly and promptly.
While Toon Finance developers & team members are anonymous we ensure the highest quality of service, along with the best platform features any decentralized exchange can provide. If you aren't sure of us yet, that's ok stick around and see why people choose Toon Finance.

Toon Finance Protocol