Toon Finance Roadmap Subject to Frequent Updates

Toon Finance Airdrop

Date of Presale Launch where users can buy NFT Mint Passes & contribute to the Presale, first 1,000 members receive NFT Mint Pass at no cost.
  • Presale Launch

    Presale Dapp’s finished and ready for presale Campaign Systems Active.
  • 10K Followers Twitter
  • NFT Mint Pass Live
  • Coin Gecko Listing
  • Bill Board Map Layout
  • Video Production
  • AMA & NFT

    Live AMA with Community vote on platform of choice, release of the NFT Artwork 100 Select | Complete Airdrop for NFT Mint Passes. Cast vote from our community on where to hold our AMA Release Mock up of NFT Collection
  • Marketing & Strategy Litepaper Release

    Announce our current partnerships and upcoming partnerships voting of current roadmap & tokenomics.
  • Presale End & Platform Launch

    Presale ends, we will be burning %10 of the total supply then providing liquidity pairs to our dex as well as Uniswap. We will provide liquidity pairs to one centralized exchange based on the community vote to ensure long term growth of Toon Finance DEX.